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Mixed Reality Pilot Dedicated Headset

Representing the state-of-the-art technology used in next-generation training, the XTAL 3 Mixed Reality headset was developed to meet the high requirements of professional pilots. Besides the common attributes of the XTAL 3 Virtual Reality headset, it has an embedded mixed reality module.

MR technology has the potential to revolutionize pilot training by providing a highly immersive and interactive learning experience that can improve safety, reduce costs, and enhance the effectiveness of training programs.

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Mixed Reality Module

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Two video passthrough cameras embedded into the headset combined with a fully functional cockpit replica create an immersive environment, allowing pilots to operate the aircraft naturally, essential for improving muscle memory and exercising motor and coordination skills in real time.


The Fidelity level and combination of front-facing cameras and matching 4k resolution screens enable pilots to read the instrument panels and MFDs.

Advanced Masking

With advanced masking using the combination of green screen function and 3D object mapping, any environment and airplane cockpit can be easily masked and used for mixed reality simulation.

Customized Camera Lenses

Considering the different types of training, XTAL offers various mixed-reality lenses to cover the full spectrum of use cases. Special lens types and resolutions can be custom designed to fit any program requirement, from high fidelity with 60PPD and limited peripheral vision to a full field of view coverage with lower fidelity.

Hand Tracking

Combined with the Ultraleap infrared hand tracking and proprietary RGB passthrough cutout, hands constantly stay visible and perfectly tracked, even in front of the virtual cockpit. Pilots can see their own hands without any additional sensors required.

Head Tracking Compensation

Head Tracking Compensation optimized for mixed reality cockpits minimizes drift between virtual and camera images and improves the overall immersion.

Crystal Clear 8K Resolution

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Full RGB 4K resolution per eye and patented custom-made non-fresnel VR lenses create realistic simulations with undistorted image across the entire wide field of view.

Vrgineers development team designed advanced optical correction algorithms, which can correct optical flaws such as chromatic aberration or barrel distortion.

Market-Leading Field of View

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The natural pilot movement patterns are supported by the widest field of view, up to 180° horizontal and 120° vertical degrees.

Thanks to the combination with the highest fidelity, pilots train in 1:1 immersive true-to-life simulation. Avoiding unrealistic simulation reduces negative training significantly.

Customized Corrective Lenses

icon corrective lenses - xtal.shop

As the only headset on the market, XTAL offers an unmatched experience for customers with diopters. The XTAL 3 has a simple attachment system for additional prescription lens inserts that replace glasses used for common eye disorders.

Vrgineers manufactures customized lenses per the customer's anamnesis in cooperation with the ophthalmologist. Therefore, helicopter pilots, airliners, or instructors can comfortably use the headset during the whole training session without any limits.

Integrated Eye Tracking

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Eye-tracking technology tracks and gathers pilot's gaze in real-time. The instructors can use the data for debriefing and behavioral analyses visualized via heatmaps after the session.

The instructors and pilots benefit from identifying of problems with scanning patterns, increasing their awareness and efficiency in standard procedures.

Tracking System

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The default configuration of XTAL headset comes with SteamVR tracking sensors. However, it can be upgraded with additional tracking technology.

The customer can choose from a variety of supported tracking systems fitting the specific use case.

Customized Solution

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The XTAL technology can be modified hardware-, firmware-, and software-wise to fit specific use cases perfectly.

Vrgineers specializes in advanced training technologies using virtual and mixed reality, including building flight simulators, and has experience with XTAL integration into the pilot helmet. Additional sensors or specific chips can extend the technology while keeping high-security standards.

Virtual Reality Resolution

3840×2160 per eye

Virtual Reality Refresh Rate

75 Hz @ 4K per eye, 120 Hz @ QHD per eye

Field of View

180° horizontal, 120° vertical (maximum experimental values)
140° horizontal, 90° vertical (default values)

Mixed Reality Resolution & Refresh Rate

Foveated profiles: up to 3072×3040 @75Hz

Uncompressed profiles: 4056x3040 @30Hz
3040×3040 @40Hz
2028×1512 @120Hz / @90Hz / @75Hz
1536×1520 @120Hz / @90Hz / @75Hz

Mixed Reality Field of View *

High Fidelity Lens
Horizontal FOV: 60 °
Vertical FOV: 40 °

Balanced Lens
Horizontal FOV: 80 °
Vertical FOV: 60 °

Immersive Lens
Horizontal FOV: 125 °
Vertical FOV: 85 °

Infinite Lens
Horizontal FOV: 170 °
Vertical FOV: 120 °

*The values may differ depending on the software settings and hardware version and used measurement method.

Mixed Reality Field of View *

High Fidelity Lens

Balanced Lens

Immersive Lens

Infinite Lens

Horizontal FOV

60 °

80 °

125 °

170 °

Vertical FOV

40 °

60 °

85 °

120 °

*The values may differ depending on the software settings and hardware version and used measurement method.


Two fast-switching 4K LCD displays for mixed reality

Eye Tracking

Gaze analyses, heat map visualization, running native 120 Hz (up to 210 Hz)

Positional Tracking

Lighthouse (SteamVR) / ART / Optitrack / Polhemus / Vicon or custom

Hand Tracking

Embedded Ultraleap sensor


Auto IPD range 56‑74 mm

Headset Connectivity

VirtualLink (5 m/16.4 ft) cable or DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.2 gen2, Power 12V, 3A (5 m/16.4 ft)


Microsoft Windows

Software Support

Steam VR and OpenXR drivers
Unity, Unreal, and other game engine plugins
C++ libraries (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan)

Simulation Support

Prepar3D, DCS World, X-Plane 11/12, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerofly FS, FlyInside

Prepar3D, MCS, X-Plane 11/12, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (VBS3, VBS4, Blue IG), MAK, Simigon, multiSim, Metrea

Size (without head strap)

700 g / 24.69 oz

Dimensions (headset only)

293 × 123 × 113 mm / 11.53 × 4.84 × 4.44 in


Window 10 64 bit


Intel® Core™ i7/i9 recommended


min. 32 GB



GeForce RTX: 3090, 3080, 3070 Ti, 3070, 3060 Ti, 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070, 2060, 8000, 6000, 5000, 4000

RTX/Quadro: A6000, A5000, A4500, A 4000, A2000, 8000, 6000, 5000

  • XTAL 3 Mixed Reality Headset
  • VirtualLink Cable
  • VirtualLink Adapter to DisplayPort and USB 3
  • USB 3 Cables for Mixed Reality
  • Power Source
  • Cleaning Set
wide field of view in the XTAL 3 Virtual Reality headset - Vrgineers.com


  • Wide field of view
  • High resolution
  • Professional training
limited field of view in the consumer virtual reality headset - Vrgineers.com

Consumer VR Headset

  • Limited field of view
  • Low resolution
  • Gaming industry

David Heaney

One of the biggest VR media platform

„This is the most immersive VR headset I have ever used – nothing else comes even close. In case you’re wondering, both headsets felt comfortable to wear.“


Josef Dzurus

European Air Services

„We decided to cooperate with Vrgineers to develop the most advanced simulator for the F-16, that combines a physical cockpit with mixed reality technology. We hope that this unique technology will be used as part of training programs for F-16 military pilots across European countries.“



Flight Simulators Operation Manager
Slovak Training Academy

„Mixed reality gives me a realistic training experience comparable to flying in a real plane. I am able to fully operate the cockpit with my hands and train in any scenario.“


Thrillseeker VR

„I got to say, the 8K resolution on this headset and practically zero distortion on 180 degrees field of view is Insane. The widest and clearest VR headset ever by far.“


Between Realities

„This 8k, 180 degree field of view Virtual Reality headset is lightyears above the competition! Find out how this Mixed Reality VR headsets is making waves and training pilots and drivers all over the world!“



VR with Jasmine

„I was really fortunate to have been able to go this year to CES and try out so many amazing technology including Vrgineers XTAL 3 Mixed Reality headset. Even with the intense motion of flying a fighter jet, I didn't get motion sick at all!“

XTAL Focus Distance; Reading Glasses

Due to the wide FOV of the XTAL headset, the optical system of the headset focuses on standard reading distance. If you are using reading glasses or have any issues with reading text clearly at reading distance, you may experience issues with image clarity and readability in the XTAL headset. In that case, we recommend using dioptric compensation lenses with your XTAL headset.

Please, fill out your diopter values into the Notes field as a part of your order, and we will prepare custom compensation lenses accordingly.